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Assessing your Woodland's Condition

This straightforward assessment involves doing a walking survey through your woodland, using a form to record features along your route, then comparing your results to a standard set of condition thresholds. This will help you to get an overview of the condition of your woodland’s habitats and identify any issues you may need to address to help support habitats and species.

Although the condition assessment is separate from the woodland toolkit, it can usefully be used in tandem to support the development of your woodland management plan and improve the long-term resilience of your woodland. It has been developed and tested by members of the England Woodland Biodiversity Group* to enable owners to assess woodland condition in a standardised way. Feedback on how you find the assessment process would be useful.

Forms and instructions for the assessment can be downloaded here.

* Members of the England Woodland Biodiversity group who have produced the Condition Assessment are: Forestry Commission, Natural England, and Woodland Trust.
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